Please look through this list of frequently asked questions about Ecuador VIP. If you still have a question feel free to contact us.

  • Can I make reservations before my card’s starting date? Yes. Make sure to mention your VIP Pass when making reservations. You must have the card on hand at the time of payment to receive your discount.
  • Are there any extra taxes or fees? No.
  • Are you a travel agency? No. We are not middle men. We do not receive a commission and the VIP Pass does not affect the prices of services offered in Ecuador.
  • Can the VIP Pass be given as a gift? Yes. Just provide the receiver’s name and photo…be nice and send a good photo. 🙂
  • Can I give my card to a friend? No. Cards are not transferable, but friends traveling with your can benefit from the card by participating in meals and activities with you.
  • How do you accept payment? Paypal. You should be able to pay without creating a Paypal account. We trust Paypal for it’s secure service and trust that your bank/credit card information is safe with them. (Please note: After payment, Paypal will redirect you to our sister site Life-in-Ecuador.com where you will prompted to provide additional information.) If you prefer to pay in person, visit our partners who sell the VIP Card. If you would like to pay by check, please contact us.

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