Quito, Ecuador

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and a great place to start your trip. Due to its central location, you can easily travel throughout the mountains, to the coast, or to the jungle from Quito. Flights to the Galapagos and other parts of the country are also available.

Quito Ecuador

Quito Ecuador

Why Visit?

Quito is a beautiful mix of old world and new. With all the amenities a tourist could ask for and a colonial experience that is second to none, Quito is a great place to explore Ecuadorian culture of the past and present.

Things to see:

  • Old Town Quito
    • Historic colonial building including many churches and convents.
    • La Ronda – Quito’s oldest street which used to be the haunt of poets and revolutionaries.
    • Walking tours with a guide or self guided.
    • Romantic night tours with a horse and carriage.
    • El Panecillo – A hill at the south end of Quito crowned with the winged Virgin of Quito.
La Ronda

La Ronda – Old Town Quito

  • “New” Town Quito
    • Large variety of food and hotel options
    • A great souvenir market and other shopping options
    • Night life
    • Art museums
    • The TeleferiQo – High soaring cable car for great views of the city from above.
Colorful "New" Town Quito

Colorful “New” Town Quito

  • And much, much more!!! Including nearby points of interest like Mitad del Mundo where you can stand with a foot on either side of the Equator.


Quito’s climate is “spring-like.” On bright sunny days a t-shirt and jeans is a good idea. The sun can get quite hot, so don’t forget your sunscreen. Quito’s weather changes often, so bring an umbrella and jacket at all times. It’s also a good idea to dress in layers.

In the evening, Quito can feel quite chilly. It is not uncommon to see the locals wrapped up in heavy jackets and warm foot-wear. You won’t need heat at your hotels, but you will be thankful for the extra blanket on your bed.

Keep in Mind

Quito is a large city. The second largest in Ecuador. And like major cities throughout the world it has its share of crime – mostly non-violent.

You don’t need to be overly concerned, but do be aware of your surroundings and avoid mindless wandering. Be especially cautious at night and don’t flash expensive jewelry or electronic (especially cell phones).

VIP Partners in Quito



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Near the Quito Airport

casadcampoCasa d’ Campo – Tababela

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“New” Town Quito

City Art Hotel SilbersteinCity Art Hotel Silberstein

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boutiquito-2BoutiQuito Design Hostel

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Hostal de La Rabida

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quitoantiguohotelHostal Quito Antiguo

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Old Town Quito

casagardeniaCasa Gardenia Bed and Breakfast

From $50 per person

Save an average of $10 per night


“New” Town Quito

no-photo   Masala Chai



Old Town Quito

taitapendejadas   Taita Pendejadas Cafe and Bar – La Ronda



pacchainti   Paccha Inti Family Restaurant – La Ronda



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