Mindo Ecuador

Mindo Ecuador is a beautiful mountain paradise. Birders from around the world come to Mindo for glimpses of some of the many species of birds living in this cloud forest.

Mindo, Ecuador

Why Visit

Mindo is a wonderland for lovers of the outdoors. You can spend days hiking the various trails and visiting the many waterfalls in the area. Other activities include zip-lining, tubing, horseback riding, canyoning and more!

Do forget to watch for the birds! Over 470 different species have be identified in Mindo, more than any other place in Ecuador. It’s hard to miss the colorful feathers of hummingbirds and others.

Nambillo Waterfall, Mindo

Plus at just over two hours from Quito, Mindo is an easy trip from the capital.

The town itself is small and quaint and quiet. There are several nice places to eat and there are even more sites to see in and around town like a butterfly farm, an orchid garden, and an organic coffee farm.


Mindo’s weather is similar to other mountain town, with warm days and cool evenings. It is quite a bit warmer than Quito. It rains more from January through April.

Bring t-shirts and pants for daytime. And a light jacket for evenings. Shoes for walking are a must.

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