Misahualli, Ecuador

Misahualli is famous for…monkeys. The town has dozens of monkeys roaming the park and beach. It’s also a great place to explore the rainforest whether you just want a quick day trip or want to go deep into the jungle. Misahualli is less than an hour from Tena. It is located where the Napo and Misahualli rivers join in their journey to meet up with the Amazon River.


Why Visit

If you don’t have much time to explore the Amazon region of Ecuador, Misahualli is a great place to see the jungle. Canoe rides to nearby Kichwa villages and jungle walks can all easily be arranged in town. There is also a nice butterfly farm in town.

Misahualli is also known for their yearly Carnaval celebration. The town fills with people from all over the country for the wild partying.


Misahualli is very similar to Tena as far as climate goes. Hot sunny days. Regular rains.

VIP Partners in Misahualli


Cabanas Rio Napo

Cabanas Rio Napo

From $75 per person

Save an average of $15 per night


Misahualli is a great stop on your Ecuador jungle vacation. Let us know what you thought of this little town. Follow us on Facebook to see new VIP Partners added in Misahualli.


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