Ecuador’s Jungle

One of the least explored areas of Ecuador, the Amazon region is probably more populated than you imagine. Large cities and tiny villages dot the area. The people grow lots of coffee and cacao (chocolate).

Tributaries to the Amazon river offer a great opportunity to enjoy the scenery and and possibly the adventure of a lifetime. Bring your umbrella or poncho…it’s not called the rainforest for nothing.

misahualli ecuador

Canoe rides in Misahualli, Ecuador to visit indigenous villages.

Visit the Cuyabeno reserve to see the rainforest up close. Tena is best know for it’s white water rafting and kayaking adventurs. And don’t forget to meet the famous primates of Misahualli.

misahualli ecuador

Monkeys in Misahualli

VIP in the Jungle

We are adding Ecuador VIP Partners throughout Ecuador. Check out our partners in the Amazon Jungle region…


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Misahualli is a great place to begin exploring the jungle. Read more about the town, what there is to do, and see our VIP Partner.


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Read about why you should visit Tena and what you can expect. Plus see our list or VIP Partners in Tena.

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