Montañita Ecuador

Montañita is one of the most popular surf spots on the Ecuador coast. A two hour drive from Guayaquil brings you to one on the nicest beaches in Ecuador.

Montanita Ecuador

Montanita Ecuador

Why Visit

Whether you love to surf or not there is a lot to do in Montañita.

For surfers…the waves are some of the most challenging in Ecuador. For the best waves come between January and March (in February there is an annual surf competition). You can find decent waves the rest of the year as well.

The area around Montañita is great to explore. You can hike, bike or ride horses to explore the rain/cloud forest, mangroves and waterfalls that surround Montañita. Or go snorkeling or scuba diving. Paragliding is also popular.

Montañita is a small town with a huge party vibe. There is a variety or bars and night clubs for a tastes from mellow to non-stop all nighters.


Typical of the Ecuadorian coast the weather is normally hot and humid. From December to May the weather is usually hot and sunny. The rest of the year tends to be more cloudy with periods of light rain.

Air conditioning is available in many hotels and comes in handy for sleeping.

VIP Partners in Montañita


Bromelia LodgeBromelia Nature Lodge

From $45 per person

Save an average of $7 per night

montanita-estatesMontañita Estates (Rooms, Suites, Villas)

From $115 per night

Save an average of $11.50 per night

esperantoEsperanto Hostal

From $12 per person

Save an average of $3 per night

*Please note: Discount available during low season. Contact hotel for details.

Travel Agencies


Savings will vary by activity




We are working to complete our list of partners in Montanita. Check back soon for an updated list or follow us on Facebook. We hope you have a great time and would love to hear about your time here.



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